If you are looking for a magical touch
to make your wedding day
as special as you are,
then you must visit with

Exquisite Papers!

We fashion the most beautiful
handmade paper creations that you,
yourself, help create.
Our handmade paper is classically
designed with your special desires
in mind, then exquisitely transformed
into breathtaking
wedding invitations, gift boxes,
guest books, picture frames, and more.

YOU help design the look, the feel, and even
the color of your invitation paper.
Allow yourself to experience this
enchanting alternative to the
standard wedding invitation.
Exquisite Papers would love the
opportunity to make your wondrous
moment even more awe-inspiring!

Since the 15th century, the finest Western style papers have been made from linen and/or cotton rag. This 100% cotton rag is added to water and then beaten using a hollander beater which strengthens and bruises the fiber. This enables the fiber to form strong and even bonds during the sheet making process. The fiber is then screened, using a mold and deckle, which allows the water to drain from the pulp.
The newly formed wet sheets are then couched onto felts and pressed to remove any additional water, then separated and allowed to dry. The final formed sheets of paper have four deckle edges, further indicating to the world its distinctive handmade nature.

It is in this tradition of fine handmade papermaking that we offer you our services.

For a free consultation
Call 512.416.7165
Austin, Texas

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